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Slashdot Media is the global leader in professional technology communities. Its properties – Slashdot and SourceForge - provide tools, software and forums where IT professionals & developers collaborate, and discuss technology news and products with their peers.

Pure Engagement

Slashdot Media has unprecedented organic engagement on a daily basis that cannot be duplicated. Slashdot averages 4,653 comments on a daily basis and SourceForge averages over 150 MM downloads a month.


Introducing the new Slashdot! After 16 years in the making, Slashdot has been redesigned providing a reinvented user experience. Enhanced features include a new presentation of content, intuitive menus for easy navigation, integrated feedback tools as well as high impact units. Take a tour of the new Slashdot and advertise today!

Our Brands

SourceForge is the largest, most trusted destination for Open Source Software discovery and development on the web. »

Slashdot is the first and leading social media destination for technology professionals and IT decision makers. »

Tech is in our DNA

Slashdot Media has built the leading social technology communities on the web. Slashdot pioneered “Social Media” in 1997 and SourceForge has been innovating online Open Source Software creation and distribution since 1999.

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