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Slashdot (/.) is an online community that features technology-centric news and discussion. The site has been pioneering user-generated content and social media since 1997. Slashdot consists of a mix of reader-submitted news, opinion, interviews and crowd-sourced questions, backed by professional insight and analysis. In addition to user-generated content, the site features original editorial covering a variety of IT topics including cloud computing, data centers, storage, mobility and business intelligence. Knowledgeable and tech savvy users (in all corners of the tech world) share and create a broad range of stories, and leave thousands of comments, every day. Slashdot is “News for Nerds. Stuff that Matters.”

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Source: GA November ’13

Company Size (number of employees)

Slashdot Site Survey May ’13

Job Title/Function

924,000 IT Professionals
252,000 Senior IT
588,000 IT Management
336,000 Executives
504,000 Business Decision Makers
840,000 Developers