SourceForge to Sponsor Community Leadership Track at Open Source Think Tank

The ninth annual Open Source Think Tank conference will be held at the Solage Calistoga Resort from March 24-26, 2014 in Napa, CA. This years conference, built around the theme “Open Source – Engine of Innovation”, will focus on the Internet of Things (IoT). Attendees will discuss topics such as best licensing models to support the development of IoT technologies, the role of collaboration in the evolution of IoT, and which open source technologies will support the IoT stack and ecosystem.

SourceForge is excited to be part of the conference as the first ever sponsor of the new Community Leadership Track. This day long event will take place on March 24th and is geared towards executives involved in open source community management, development, and planning. The track will include an interactive case study and best practices for defining, managing, and delivering effective community management and relations.

Additional information about the conference can be found here.

DevShare Relaunch: Power to end-users!

Back in July 2013 SourceForge launched the beta version of the DevShare program, a partnership offered to SourceForge developers to turn project downloads into a source of recurring monthly revenue by presenting relevant offers for user consideration during the installation process.

Today, SourceForge is announcing the relaunch of the DevShare program moving from the beta version to the first public release. This new product update is based on the feedback and input of both their end users and developer community.

Read more about the program here.


Understanding the Psychology of Social Engagement

Have you ever wondered why people socially engage and what motivates them to share content?

If you take a look at basic human needs, it is very interesting how social media aligns. Not only do people tend to engage when they are looking to fulfill a certain subconscious “need” but the places they chose to engage vary depending on this need. People also tend to fall into certain groups depending on the content they are sharing.

The infographic below uses basic psychology to outline why people socially engage. It also provides a few hints on how to make your content more engaging. Check it out and see where you fit in!

Slashdot - Social Engagement - Final 2014

SourceForge Welcomes Google Code Projects Downloads

As you might have heard a couple of days ago Google announced their intention to deprecate binary downloads, a decision that is effective already for new projects and it will be extended to all projects by early next year.

Similarly to what we did for helping Github users, we confirm that SourceForge as a trusted partner for open source welcomes you to distribute your releases via SourceForge even if your code is developed elsewhere. By distributing your releases at SourceForge, you’ll get the following advantages.

1 Free Unlimited Bandwidth
Reduce overhead and provide a better experience by using the largest free managed global mirror network. We serve 4.8 million downloads per day, and we move over 2 PB data monthly.

2 Analytics
Follow the trends that enable you to create better software. Learn more about where your project is popular, and what operating system your users use.

3 Premier Visibility
Reach more users and gain market share in the open source landscape. 41.8 Million unique visitors come to us every month, your chance to improve your project outreach.

4 A Trusted Name in Open Source
Since 1999, thousands of projects have chosen SourceForge to host not just their source code, but also their project communities. You’ll be in great company.

5 Get Started
If you want to provide downloads for your Google Code project, you’ll need to follow these steps:

1) If you don’t already have one, create a SourceForge account.

2) Create a project. You’ll want to uncheck the Git tool, since you’ve already got that, but you can add whatever tools you don’t already have elsewhere.

3) On your new project page, click the Files link and upload your release.

4) Link to your files page from your Google Code wiki, so that folks know where to go to get releases.

Feel free to contact us if you have any new release in the pipe, we are here to help you through our blog and our newsletter.

Drop us an email at